Family Members.
Links to the family members. Or if you prefer, view the graphical version of family tree.
Also look at the text versions of the Lukingbeal family tree and the Hanna family tree.

Alba Izor Lukingbeal     Clarence Andrew Lukingbeal

Emerson Lindamood     Jane Lukingbeal Lindamood

Michael Lindamood     Barbara Lindamood
Brian Lindamood       Ellison Stind     
Heather Lindamood       D. Douglas Buchanan
Kurt Lindamood

Suzanne Lindamood     Sherman Hanna
Emily Hanna

David Lindamood     Gail Lindamood
Ben Lindamood     Nick Lindamood   Drew Lindamood

Kevin Lindamood     Colleen Zeitz
Theresa Alba Zeitz-Lindamood

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