Jane Lukingbeal Lindamood
Born November 5, 1921 in Farmersville, Ohio.

Emerson and Jane Lindamood raised their four children in Lorain, Ohio.
Jane received a B.S. (Phi Beta Kappa) from The Ohio State University and an M.S. from Case Western University, She was a school teacher in Lorain Ohio.

Husband, Emerson ("Lindy") Barker Lindamood

Son, Michael William Lindamood
Daughter, Suzanne Lindamood
Son, David Glenn Lindamood
Son, Kevin Andrew Lindamood

Father, Clarence Andrew Lukingbeal
Mother, Alba "Nini" Izor

Brother, Kent Lukingbeal, born Feb. 14, 1918, died Feb. 26, 1971.
Sister, Janet Lukingbeal Warrick, born Feb. 20, 1920.
Brother, Robert Lukingbeal, born May 31, 1927.
Brother, Mark Lukingbeal, born April 5, 1930.

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