Emerson "Lindy" Barker Lindamood
Born  September 12, 1920, West Baden, Indiana
Died  December 21, 1977, Lorain, Ohio

Emerson and Jane Lindamood raised their four children in Lorain, Ohio.

Emerson attended Miami University and Ohio State University, but then entered Airforce Cadet Training in1943, receiving his Second Lieutenant bars in August of 1944. He received his Bachelors in Sociology from Ohio State University in 1946, his Bachelors in Education in 1947, Masters in Sociology in 1948, all from OSU.

The places Jane and Lindy lived during the war.

Photos (photo at right: Summer, 1977)

Wife, Jane Lukingbeal Lindamood

Son, Michael William Lindamood
Daughter, Suzanne Lindamood
Son, David Glenn Lindamood
Son, Kevin Andrew Lindamood

Father, Harry Leon Lindamood (January 28, 1893 - November 18, 1976)
Mother, Sarah Ann Mattox (September 18, 1892 - November 27, 1961)

Brother, Donald V. Lindamood ( September 20, 1923 - April 3, 2004) (Obituary

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