Program for Service in Brooklyn, September 29, 2001

In Celebration of the Life of
9/6/1944 - 9/11/2001

10 AM -The Community Gathers
Prelude "Alleluia" Guitar, Instrumental
Opening Words Rev. Bruce Southworth
Doxology--all rise and sing together
From All That Dwell Below the Skies, let words of love and peace arise; Alleluia, Alleluia. Let joyful songs of praise be sung, through every land alleluia by every tongue alleluia, Amen
Greet your neighbor
Readings & Reflections Rev. Bruce Southworth
Music Fire and Rain by James Taylor
Music Amazing Grace, Traditional
Poem Wake Mark Juergens
Music Swinging Along by ? (Favorite of Valerie's)
Friend & Neighbor's Thoughts Liza El-Salahi,
Music Imagine by John Lennon
A Daughter's Thoughts Lydia J.Robertson
This Land Is Your Land Woody Guthrie
All who wish to say a few words in remembrance are invited come up to the mic in front at this time
Thank you Fire Fighters Charlotte Jurgens   (Valerie's Granddaughter)
Music I will remember you Sarah McLachlin, Lyrics adapted Lydia Robertson
Redicication to Life & Love Rev Bruce Southworthby Cat Stevens
Music Peace Train

Please join us after the service to visit with one another. Any one wishing to stay and help clean up afterwards is encouraged to do so; we appreciate it! Thank you.
The Reverend Bruce Southworth, Sr. Minister
Community Church of New York
Ari Hest will play Guitar and perform all songs

The Valerie Hanna Sept. 11 Fund

The sad events of September 11 bring home to us that we live in a
dangerous world and some people are willing to go to great lengths to harm us. Valerie was very interested in the role of the high containment laboratory being built at the University of Texas in Galveston, Texas in protecting us against emerging infectious diseases. We the family have established a fund to support the research of this laboratory in countering the potential use of highly dangerous germs by terrorists.

This tribute allows her wishes and interests to live on in a way that would help prevent the terrorist use of these dangerous agents to harm those of us who remember her so fondly.

All donations will go toward the work of the new high containment lab at UTMB. This lab is also referred to as the BSL-4 lab in the media (which means Bio-Safety Lab, level 4; level 4 is the highest level of containment when working with hazardous viruses and bacteria).

The Valerie Hanna/Sept. 11 Fund:
All checks should be made out to UTMB or the University of Texas Medical Branch.

-- On the memo line of the check, or in a note attached to the check, please specify that this is a donation in the memory of Valerie Hanna for the BSL-4 lab.